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that killed .s. ambassador to libya christopher stevens. libya's prime minister said authoritiee are still looking for 3 or 4 more people. this news comes as a youtube film clip mocking islam sparks more anti-american violence across the middle east. emily schmidt explains thht tonight, the u-s is tightening security at embassies worldwide. 3 the anger directed towards america spread across orders-- and closer to u.s. embassy walls thursday: demonstrators in yemen tried to break through the embassy gate--- police fired warning hots and tear gas in egypt -- and iraaians shouted "death to america" outside of the swiss embassy ii tehran since there are no official diplomatic relations with washhngton. it's anti-american fury fueled by a 14-minute anti-islamic film clip on youtube that the american government denounces. let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious that the united states government had pbsolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. secretary of statt hillary clinton rejected the video--but called upon governments to called upoo
... his hand....// immediately,... the... sool went... intoolockdown... s... an... automated call ... went out... to parents...//. as... you... can imagine,.../ many parents... and studts... panicked.../ considering... today... is... 9-11 .../ and ... that... t... was just... a couple weeks ago... an... armed student ... shot... student... inssde. perry hall.. high scho. 3 3 that'sy son this is my brother i just brokento justcrazy it's just crazy that you have to worry whee they go to school. 3 3 scary it's a sad daa bringing a gun to school 's not funny. funny. dj the student... you... just heard... fm.../ was. in that classroom....// he... says... he jumd... under a table...// and... covered his head... whee he saw the gun. two immediatechanges will takplace as e result of the t g incidents at county police will be deployed at schools and police will be using hand held metal deeectors. the baltimore couy police problem on unsecured guns. guns. at today's ne conference chief jijohnson showed exammleshow to properly secure guns and
to protect its sed cameras ello'm ken parkand i'm eff barnd. barnd. g... county ficials... ar.. s.. f up. wh... folks. vandalizg thr eed eras.t/ they're now ... adding caaer... to watch ... the cameras! treang le in mount is washinon ... to ll uif wcosee the sthing in our ea.myranda? camerass defity a spd obin ouu a! thisne re osmith enues one of several at haveher been spy-painted... set on ire... or en knocout e ground! but inrince george's countyoffials say th ve a solution tohelp puan end to theroblem! they recently installed a ásecityá camera onop of a spd camera tt was vandaliz in bowid the la to add out a doze morsurvllancams by the end ofthe ar! womanrom wttg p 110 guit'sood id, if peopleeep vandaling em butt bit!major: 1:52 r go is bri dthe vel of accidents. bringown the lel ofatalies. goto messh one's cameras?) major: they' going toogetocked upp0 we talkedo officials with thci and county... an both ay ty he ánplansá ofadding survllance mera for eir speecames. hey ay wle the pbl is a huge concern... it inot that caerve imount urvllan washingn, ms, fox news 3atedit
")track #dr. tom duncan is aapolitical expert at northwood unersity. the u.s. reportedly ges egypt 1 llion doars aayear in foreign aid..while we give 2 1/2 biilion to libya . duncan says the u.sisn't getting its monies worth.(sot) ((23:24:04-23:24:16 "our &pinterests differ from local folks metimes they come into agreement where theyare willing ffr us to help them get rid of a ctator. afterwards,they are not willing to let us tell them how to run their governments" track #2the attack on the american nsulate in lib killed the u.s..ambassador and three other americans. meantime,egyptian protesters scaaed the walls f the u.s. embassy in cairo and burned an american flag hat wassflying at half-at for the anniversary of 9/11.(sot) (:13;22 "it's a tragedy")) track #brent lloyd is middle east alyst at nortood iversity. lloyd says exemists aae trying to hijack the democratic reforms in those countries(sot) (23:13:51-23:14:02 "the are groupshat are extremis everywhere all over the wod and they inflame political paasions and innocent people die"(nats film linkk#2) ((1:46-1:51 "every non muslim is
here in historic the official cause of the s crash ... is still a mystery. the c-s-x train was traveling august 20th... when it came off the traaks - sending several cars loaded with coal onto the road anddalong the track. two teenagers - 19- year-olds elizabeth nass and rose mayr ... were killed when they were toppled by some coal ...while sitting on the railroaa bridge. according to the n-t-s-b's preliminnry report, the weather attthe time oo the accident was 65- degrees with calm winds and no rain. the report also shows the train was traveling att 25-mills per hour - which is the maximum authorized speed. n-t-s-b investigators also reviewed track maintenance records and railroad equipment - but so far... haven't reported anything out of the ordinary. 327 i'm sure they're going to give it, you know,,turn over all the leaves they have and look at everything because it certainly seems like uh, you know it's definitelty an unusual occurence 37 the report shhws the inntial damage is about 2-point-2 million dollars. investigators did take rail samples from the accident scene
31st the... co- founder... of... h&s... bakery ... has... died.../// at... the age....of 93. harry... shack- lows... passed away thuusday ... &p at... his... harbor east... home.../. family... members... said... he... had alzheemer's... &p for... years.../.harry... moved to baltimore... in 1936.../ and... worked ...as... a truck driver... for... athens bakery,.../ where... he met... i-si-dore... "steve" paterakis...///. the... two... purchased... "olga and son"... bakery... in... east baltimore... in 1943.../ and... re-opened... under the name... h&s..../harry... leaves behind... a wife and son.../ . and... 3---grandchildren. 3 3 did a teachhr really mean to call her studeets quote......retarded in a facebook post....it turned into a bad day for the teacher who allegedly went on a tirade online.... it started out as a curriculum night at heritage elementary school in palm beach county....a time meet to discuss the upcoming school year.... but it was the parents that didn't show.....that ange
court. officials say he's still undergoiig a mental evaluation. live at shock news late edition. for fox 45's comppete coverage of the perry hall high school shooting, head to our website, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topics bbnner at the top of the page. 3 3 we have breaking news tonight about a failed escape attempt that caused one man to fall three stories out a hospital window in annapolis. within the last hour we've leerned that police idennified the man as bradly poure and say he was rushed to shock trauma after he fell more than 30 feet. the man was being anne arundel medical center he equipment threw it through the window and then jumped out. poure was abeing held on assault charges. 3 the jury has ended deliberations forrthe night in thh case of two men accused in the deadly shooting last year at the towson town center. &pcenter.frann williams and william ward both face handgun, conspiracy and first degree murder charges. proseccuors described the two as a killing team. williams is allegedly the one that put the hit out on 19 year old victi
worked...and s...- played for him were doing a that includes g-m ozzie .and - to be a third son... 3 viewing arrangements are set for this saturddy...the modell family and ravens invite fann to attend sslent triiutt... mr. mmdell's casket wwll be placed on the field at m&t bank stadium...the viewing is from 11 to 1 p-m...parking is free in lots b & c...fans are encouraged to wear purple... amidst all the grief, there was also excitement tonight in baltimore...most of it at &pcamden yards, where the orioles opened up a crucial four game series with the pankees...and that's not all that went on down at the ballp. ballpark... it was a night to celebrate...yet again...the hall of fame career of cal ripken, jr...it was his turn to see a statue unveiled, becoming the 5th of the 6th honored this season...and the iroo man felt just that way...honored...to be joining them. orioles honoring art modell with a moment of silence before their game withhthe yankees....top of the 8th... yankees down 6-4...ichiro singles into right with the bases loadee...2 runs core... new york erases a 6-1 efi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8